Eastern Ethiopia


Awash National Park

Awash National Park is the oldest and most developed wild life reserve in Ethiopia. Featuring the 1800 – meter high Fentale Volcano, extensive mineral hot springs, and extraordinary volcanic formations.

On the top of Mt. Fentale, there is 350 meter deep creator. The park is famous for its bird life. One may visit the magnificent Awash River Falls, the Kudu valley for greater Kudu, the Illala Sala plain for Besia Oryx and Gazelles, and the hot spring waters.



The historic walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia was a major trading crossroads and a centre of Islamic learning. Fortified against invaders, its protective wall was built between the 13th and 16th centuries. The wall or jugol, which is still intact, is about four meters high and pierced by five gates. A sixth gate was added at a later date. Explorer Richard Burton was the first European to enter the Forbidden City in the mid-19th century and wrote later: “Harar has not only its own tongue, unintelligible to any save the citizens; even its little population of about 8,000 souls is a distinct race.”  Little has changed apart from the size of the population. The town is famous for the unique layout of its houses, its intricate basketry, coffee, hyena feeding, and for the trade in qat – a stimulant leaf that is chewed. The narrow, winding streets of Harar contain over 90 mosques and many consider it to be the fourth holiest city of Islam.

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